My MacBook provides me daily affirmations! (and yours will too)

Yesterday, one of my favorite bloggers, Jenny Lawson of The Bloggess, came a tad unglued when feeling taunted by the ‘control’ button on her keyboard. What is that key for anyway??? She must have been on my mind, since I just happened to write about her yesterday in this post. I like to think it’s because we’re soul sisters, therefore granting me some kind of sixth sense that allows me to hear her cries of frustration carry over the vast, complex interwebs.

I understand, girl! I’ve had this MacBook going on 4 years now, and that damned button has yet to reveal its true purpose.

I wanted to reach out to her. To tell her…I GET IT! And to also let her know…there’s a better way to look at it! With one simple little trick, Jenny’s irritation can be magically turned into inspiration, and the rest of you Appleonians can use it too!

Just SHIFT your thinking!

The trick is simple, requiring only 3 easy steps!

1. Look at your keyboard.

2. Next, look at the image below and read the text aloud.

3. Now, look back at your keyboard.

Can you see it now? Our Macs provide us DAILY AFFIRMATIONS! It’s as if every time I find myself hesitating to click ‘publish’ on my most recent dumbass brilliant post, Steve Jobs himself stands peering over my left shoulder shouting words of encouragement.

You can do it, Whit!

You should do it, Whit!

The people need to see this, Whit!

You’re in FN CONTROL OF SPACE, Whit!!!

Gee, thanks Steve. And now that you (and hopefully Jenny) are aware of this MacBook-related best kept secret, you too can begin to harness the power of positive thinking your keyboard is desperately trying to bestow. Feels nice, eh?

FN right it does.