DimWhit’s Friday Fold-Up: Now with 50% more fold-up!

I didn’t post a Friday Fold-Up last week due to being on vacation with family, plus I was preoccupied trying not to die. To compensate, today I’ll be recapping what you missed over the last two weeks, therefore offering 50% more fold-up, free of charge! Who doesn’t like a bargain!?! Before you get too excited however, I must confess that not much happened in that time period so this won’t take long.

First recap on the agenda today, comes to you not from my blog, but rather my Twitter account. Yesterday, I tweeted this picture to Ginger Zee of GMA and she replied to it!

I took this photo last night while enjoying cocktails on my deck with Red. I’m sharing this with you for three important reasons.

  1. It’s a pretty nature picture and pretty nature pictures make people happy.
  2. If you didn’t know I was on Twitter, now you do. And if the likes of Ginger Zee can find time to trade tweets with me, surely you can too. Follow me @DimWhitBlog…I promise you’ll only be slightly sorry you did.
  3. Since I’m having Twitter conversations on the reg with celebrities now, my quest for world domination is picking up steam, so you may want to jump aboard the DimWhit Train while we still have seats. This locomotive is speeding straight to Famousville.

While you’re still feeling a surge of inspiration thanks to the majestic cloud photo above, it’s a good time to tell you about the uncharacteristically motivational post I wrote since the last recap. To all my fellow bloggers, I wrote this one specifically for you!

And if you’ve ever been guilty of taking a dumbass quiz via Facebook, I wrote a post for you too! I took some time to teach everyone the advanced skill of internet quiz-taking. The technique is considered advanced because it allows you to maintain your dignity and involve your family pets. Give it a shot!

That’s about all that happened since the last Friday Fold-Up. Oh yeah, except for the moment I almost died…twice.

Until next time!

Girls behaving badly and DimWhit’s Friday Fold-Up

As you all know, I use my Friday Fold-Up segment to catch y’all up with what you may have missed throughout the week. Additionally, it allows me the opportunity to reflect. Upon my self-examination this week, it occurred to me I haven’t been the best.

Example 1

I started my Monday off with a long, impassioned rant where I basically skewered the creators of a kid’s toy. I’m trying to give myself a pass on this one, since everyone has the right to be a little grumpy on Mondays, and since that “Good morning, red bird” singing asshat named Nabi had it coming. (In my opinion, of course)

Example 2

In my post about being a She-Hulk, I essentially confessed my crippling lack of motivation, in particular when applied to all things domestic. Case and point: I wrote that post on Tuesday. I told you that Tuesday was laundry day. I’m writing this post on Friday and I am STILL DOING LAUNDRY. What a bad, bad DimWhit.

Example 3

I deflected my blogger responsibility to bestow my husband a nickname for use on this site. Instead of saddling that horse all by myself, I forced you guys to pony up some options. Although that wasn’t very nice of me, you all came through and offered up a ton of great suggestions! THANK YOU!

Example 4

However, since this is apparently my week to be a total douchebag, I have opted to ignore all of your amazing feedback and eventually decided to refer to my hubby with a nickname of my own creation. I’M SORRY. Before you feel completely disregarded, I was only able to think of it thanks to the back and forth discussions we had in the comment section of that post, so technically you are my muses and the source of my creativity. Feel better now?

(By the way, extra props to my new friend, Aussa Lorens, who I credit for getting me onto a new train of thought. Not surprising she’s motivational though, when you consider she is a self-proclaimed HACKER. NINJA. HOOKER. SPY. You rock, lady!)

Example 5

My final example of why I’m a total jerk this week is the fact that I’m using this last example as a means to torture my Mom a little. This is clearly not something a nice person would do. Though, if you haven’t seen this yet, it is definitely worth the watch.

So, there you have it friends. This week, I sucked. Tune in next week when I try to be a better human being.

Oh, and I almost forgot. My husband will no longer suffer the blogging nickname “hubby”. Henceforth, he shall be referred to as “Red”.

The short explanation: Red conjures up thoughts of romance. Red alludes to his fiery spirit. Red is a nod to his beautiful ginger mane. And finally, because he kind of reminds me of this guy from “That 70’s Show”.

Red Foreman, we love you.

Until next time,

DimWhit’s Friday Fold-Up: DimDog Included.

I’m feeling a tad guilty because during last week’s Friday Fold-Up, I promised to acquaint you all with my ding-dongy, doggy daughter – DimDog – sometime throughout the week. I never got around to it, but in my defense, I was hoping she would do something interesting enough to be post-worthy.

But she didn’t.

In any case, now is probably as good of time as any for DimDog to make her blog debut. Without further ado, here are a few key facts and a bit of her bio:

  • DimDog is a boxer; a flashy brindle girl boasting 4 white socks and tiger stripes on her coat.
  • Her favorite activities include licking human feet and sunbathing in the nude.
  • Her birthday is November 2nd. She’s 2 1/2 years young.
  • For her breed, she’s a lil’ squirt; currently topping out around 50 lbs, when she’s supposed to be closer to 70 or 80.
  • She’s crude and disgusting and bluntly, not very lady-like whatsoever.

Also, she has the ability to be remarkably beautiful. Take for example, this photo:

See what I mean?!? But truthfully, she looks more like this 90% of the time:

For the Friday Fold-Up portion of this week’s post:

  • My blogging idol, the infamous Jenny Lawson of The Bloggess, read and freaking responded to one of my posts, in which I shared a technology tip for Mac users. She also followed me on Twitter. And in related news, I hyperventilated.

I was sporting the Taylor-Trademarked, OMG-I-Can’t-Believe-This-Is-Happening face.

  • Speaking of Twitter, this week I officially launched my campaign for world domination by infiltrating the social media realm. That’s right folks, the DimWhit is now on Facebook and Twitter and waiting for you and 1 million of your closest friends to assist in growing my cult.

  • I could still use your recommendations for the funniest females in the blogging world, because you seriously let me down. I’m not angry. I’m just trying to prove a point here, dammit. You can help me out here.
  • Additionally, since y’all never fail to surprise me, my least favorite post from the week attracted the most comments, likes and shares – so much so that I’m not going to bother linking it in today’s Fold-Up. Instead, I’m going to link this one, because I like it more and because it makes me giggle on the inside.
  • And finally, the inevitable happened this week: I got busted by my Mama and virtually grounded for my sometimes “colorful” language. This is from the lady that at one point banned me from saying something sucks because to her, sucks was a swear word. Isn’t that some bullshit? However, this is also the lady that has read the entire 50 Shades of Grey trilogy…and I’m pretty sure that’s worse.

Until next time!

A bright, shiny day for the dimwhit – weekly recap included!

I just completed my first full week as a blogger, y’all!

[insert shameless strutting and booty shaking here]

Needless to say, I feel pretty damn accomplished. Rightfully so, right? As a result, I decided this morning to schedule myself a regularly occurring pat on the back – hence the creation of a new segment I like to call: Dimwhit’s Friday Fold-up. This is where I’ll get the opportunity to cast a short and sweet spotlight on things I deem noteworthy from the prior week, including links to some seriously awesome shit you may have missed (hey, I care about you) with some new stuff mixed in there for good measure.

It’s like two posts for the price of one! The blog equivalent of BOGO deal!

Now that I have you on the edge of your computer chair, I’ll begin this week by sharing something you don’t already know. I live right across the river from Cincinnati, in an almost too charming town in Northern Kentucky. Today, the sky is bright blue and completely devoid of even a single cloud, the sun is shining, birds are chirping and the temps are due to reach 80 degrees. And the ENTIRE weekend is supposed to be like this! Post title makes sense now, huh? Since a picture is worth a thousand words, below is a photographic representation of how I plan to capitalize on this gift from the gods.

Mr. & Mrs.

Nice way to wrap up a week, wouldn’t you agree?

For the “in-case-you-missed-it-and-shame-on-you-if-you-did-but-dimwhit-still-loves-you-and-therefore-has-your-back-on-this-one” portion of the post, this week:

  • I totally explained what this means and how it will likely impact us all in 2014…

Click Bab’s face to get enlightened.

  • I also kinda burned this guy, even though I believe him to be a pretty damn good actor. Sorry man.

Click Jere’s left eyebrow to get the full story.

  • And in the comments section of this post, my tribute to Donald Sterling led to a conversation about fake baby penises.

And tune in next week when I finally get around to properly introducing this irresistible love nugget – dimdog.

I hope your weekend is as bright and shiny as mine, friends. Until next time…