DimWhit’s Friday Fold-Up: Now with 50% more fold-up!

I didn’t post a Friday Fold-Up last week due to being on vacation with family, plus I was preoccupied trying not to die. To compensate, today I’ll be recapping what you missed over the last two weeks, therefore offering 50% more fold-up, free of charge! Who doesn’t like a bargain!?! Before you get too excited however, I must confess that not much happened in that time period so this won’t take long.

First recap on the agenda today, comes to you not from my blog, but rather my Twitter account. Yesterday, I tweeted this picture to Ginger Zee of GMA and she replied to it!

I took this photo last night while enjoying cocktails on my deck with Red. I’m sharing this with you for three important reasons.

  1. It’s a pretty nature picture and pretty nature pictures make people happy.
  2. If you didn’t know I was on Twitter, now you do. And if the likes of Ginger Zee can find time to trade tweets with me, surely you can too. Follow me @DimWhitBlog…I promise you’ll only be slightly sorry you did.
  3. Since I’m having Twitter conversations on the reg with celebrities now, my quest for world domination is picking up steam, so you may want to jump aboard the DimWhit Train while we still have seats. This locomotive is speeding straight to Famousville.

While you’re still feeling a surge of inspiration thanks to the majestic cloud photo above, it’s a good time to tell you about the uncharacteristically motivational post I wrote since the last recap. To all my fellow bloggers, I wrote this one specifically for you!

And if you’ve ever been guilty of taking a dumbass quiz via Facebook, I wrote a post for you too! I took some time to teach everyone the advanced skill of internet quiz-taking. The technique is considered advanced because it allows you to maintain your dignity and involve your family pets. Give it a shot!

That’s about all that happened since the last Friday Fold-Up. Oh yeah, except for the moment I almost died…twice.

Until next time!